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7X Ms. Figure Olympia (2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 & 2017)

Ms. Figure International (2022, 2019)

Cydney Gillon
Figure Olympian World Record Holder
Youngest crowned Figure Olympian 
1st Figure Olympian to have 4 - 7 consecutive wins
2nd Figure Olympian to have 3 consecutive Olympian wins 
32 Pro Shows, 16 1st place wins
28 of  32 Pro Shows, placed top 6 or higher
2020 Dumbbell Hall of Fame Inductee


Atlanta native. Cydney graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. While at Penn, Cyd was a hurdler on the Varsity track and field team and a leader within Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Upon graduation, she joined the Season 32 cast of the reality show, Survivor, where she fought her way to the finale! In 2017. Cydney began her graduate student journey at the University of Southern California, and  received her Master of Arts degree in  Strategic Public Relations with an emphasis on Sports and Entertainment.


Cydney has competed in 32 professional  shows (10 Olympias and 10 Arnold Classics, including USA, Australia, and Brazil). At 25,  she became Ms. Figure Olympia (the youngest crowned) and has won 16 first place titles. Being raised in a household of bodybuilders, she started competing at 14 and received her first professional status at 15. 5 years later, she earned her International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) professional status. On September 13, 2019 (her mom's birthday), she made history for being the second Figure athlete to win the Olympia title, for three consecutive years.


Currently, Cydney is focused on retaining her Olympia title,  being an International posing coach, personal trainer, brand ambassador for the IFBB and developing her PR business, Gillon & Associates- Public Relations  & Image Consulting . 



University of Southern California

Annenberg School of Communication & Journalism

Master of Arts- Strategic Public Relations (Sports & Entertainment)     

University of Pennsylvania

College of Arts & Sciences   

Bachelor of Arts –Psychology     



Figure Olympia 2023 1st Place

Figure Olympia 2022 1st Place

Arnold Classic Figure International 2022 1st Place

Figure Olympia 2021 1st Place

Figure Olympia 2020 1st Place

Figure Olympia 2019 1st Place

IFBB Wings of Strength Arizona Pro 2019 1st Place

Arnold Classic Figure International 2019 1st Place

Figure Olympia 2018 1st Place

IFBB Wings of Strength Arizona Pro 2018 1st Place

Arnold Australia 2018 2nd Place

Arnold Classic Figure International 2018 2nd Place

Figure Olympia 2017 1st Place

IFBB Wings of Strength Arizona Pro 2017 1st Place

Arnold Brazil 2017 2nd Place

Arnold Australia 2017 3rd Place

Arnold Classic Figure International 2017 2nd Place

Figure Olympia 2016 3rd Place

IFBB New York Pro 2016 3rd Place

IFBB Pittsburgh Pro 2016 1st Place

IFBB Miami Muscle Beach 2016 1st Place

Arnold Australia 2016 3rd Place

Arnold Classic Figure International 2016 5th Place

Figure Olympia 2015 8th Place

Europa-Atlantic City 2015 6th Place

IFBB Chicago Wings of Strength 2015 1st Place

Arnold Classic Figure International 2015 9th Place

Figure Olympia 2014 9th Place

IFBB Chicago Wings of Strength 2014 1st Place

Toronto Super Pro Show 2014 4th Place

IFBB Tampa Pro Show 2013 10th Place

Toronto Super Pro Show 2013 6th Place




GET FLAWLESS Hair and Makeup 

Elite Tan Colorado

Glam Competition Jewelry



Dumbbell Hall of Fame Inductee

F.A.N. Board of Directors



Strong Magazine 2023 Fitness Profile

Muscle Can Be…Muscle Is…. (Featured Athlete) June 2020 (website blog)

FITNESS MAG  (Featured Athlete) Edition #84 May 2020 

Kaged Muscle Social Media Publications & Training Videos 2019

 55th Olympia Publication September 2019

 Arnold Classic Publication March 2019

Muscle & Fitness HERS (Featured Athlete) December 2018 Edition

Muscle & Fitness (Featured Athlete) September 2018 Edition

Muscle & Fitness (Featured Athlete) August 2018 Edition

Muscle & Fitness  June 2018  Edition

54th Olympia Publication September 2018

 Arnold Classic Publication March 2018

53rd Olympia Publication September 2017

 FLEX  (Featured Athlete)  June 2017

 Arnold Classic Publication March 2017

NPC News Online features (several videos on training/posing and competitions) 2017

52nd Olympia Publication September 2016

 Muscle & Fitness Hers October/November 2016 Edition

Muscle & Fitness Hers September/October 2016 Edition

NPC News Online Interviews 2015 & 2016

Arnold Classic Publication March 2016

 Featured on V-103 February 2016

Atlanta Journal Constitution- Survivor Article February 17, 2016

Survivor- Season 32 Contestant (Television Series) Winter 2016

 Beverly International No Nonsense Magazine- Cover & Featured Athlete Winter 2016

 51st Olympia Publication September 2015

Arnold Classic Publication March 2015

 50th Anniversary Olympia Publication September 2014

FLEX Magazine January 2013

Fitness & Physique Magazine February 2013

Beverly International No Nonsense Magazine Volume 17, Number 2

 Musclemania (Televised on ESPN3) June 2011

No Joke Magazine (Interview and featured in On-line publication) June 2011

The Penn Gazette (University magazine) January 2011

The Daily Pennsylvanian (University newspaper) November 2010

Fitness Physique Fall Edition 2009

Efitnessplanner (Bodybuilding training website) July 2008

Northside Neighbor November 2008



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